As Lloyd’s Coverholders we are able to provide Contingency Insurance with our main focus on event cancellation. This cover can be offered for exhibitions, sporting events, trade shows, entertainment events and corporate events.

The range of covers available includes the following:

Event Cancellation and Abandonment

  • Major Events
  • Sports Events
  • Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Music Concerts
  • Theatre Productions
  • Corporate Events


Non Appearance

  • Key Speakers
  • Sports Stars
  • Music Performers
  • Theatre Performers



  • Pluvius
  • Adverse Weather
  • Prize Promotions

Film Production

  • Film Producers Indemnity
  • Property


Advertising Agents

  • Commercial Advertisers Package
  • Death and Disgrace


Prize Indemnity

  • Probability Games
  • Games of skill & Games of Chance
  • Over Redemption
  • Hole in One
  • Contractual Bonus


Event Liability

  • Public Liability